If your teenage daughter or son has been to a recent accident, I’m pretty sure it is hard to drive the car you lent him or her again. So, what are some moves you need to take to make sure that he or she is dealing with the accident in a healthy way? 

  1. Before you let your teens drive, it should be put in a talk on how they should approach a possible accident. If in any case they do not have an insurance app on their phone, a car accident is so much easier to handle with it around, so have it installed. Moreover, teach your teens how to document everything about the car accident situation he or she is in. 
  2. You should also be able to let your teen know what to do after an accident happens. The first step after an accident happens is to remind them the importance of making sure everyone is safe if ever an accident occurs. When this happens, if the car your teen is driving is able to move to the spot that is safe and out of a road on traffic, always remind them to do so. If cones are available in the car put them out or turn on any lights for hazard that is available. If ever the car is too damaged to move, advise to call a towing assistance. 
  3. If all has been put into safety, call the police even if the situation is too terrifyingly worse. Minor accidents are in need of reporting the situation to the police and this can be done through an assistance by the parent pr by the teen himself or herself. Involve the insurance company in the situation through the mobile app in the phone and always ask for a copy of the report that has been made to the police.  
  4. Always remind your teen to stay away from the blame game and not to sign any other documents besides what is connected to the police report. Most importantly, to be responsible enough not to leave the scene of the accident. 
  5. The mobile app for insurance will help your teen in tracking the possible bills or costs involve that are paid for. The insurance after an accident may lead to a renewal and how an accident is handled will determine the rise of how an insurance can lower.  

These are a few tips that you can share with your teens in order for them to be prepared if they are exposed to a situation like a car accident and how they can better approach it. However, as a parent you know as well as I do that prevention is better than cure and you can definitely save your teen from a possible accident through enrolling her to a driving school for improvement or for her to learn more about driving well. Driving school in Manassas VA can definitely be an answer to your dilemma. Of course, you still need to share these reminders to your teens, however knowing that they are well fed on information on how to drive safely and well, you will less likely to have a heart attack any time soon. Have your worries away and enroll your teen today!